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We’re located in Florida, and we understand the unique insurance challenges that come with living in our state. We will do all the shopping for you, and find you the best coverage, at the best price for you.

Property Insurance

Life can be hectic at times. It can also be unpredictable. Accidents may happen when you least expect them to and natural disasters will affect your home without warning. Instead of worrying about the “what ifs” in life, allow our agents to step in and ease your worries. We have just what you need to make sure you are financially safe and secure during unexpected times.

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How do you go about protecting your business? We’ve got the right technology and out-of-the-box thinking to help you find the insurance solutions you need to best protect your business. At All Florida A1 Insurance, we will not only answer that question for you...

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Life & Financial

What exactly do our life and financial services offer? To start, we offer life insurance policies that are tailored for individuals or businesses looking to provide a financial cushion for their families or employees’ families upon their death years down the line. Things such as estate costs, tuition, and unresolved debt can be covered by your life insurance policy depending on the amount of coverage purchased.

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Transportation Insurance

Our service capabilities include insurance marketing and claims management. Our world-wide network of contacts includes marine and aviation claims.

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Vehicle Insurance

At All Florida A1 Insurance, we are confident in our auto insurance solutions and we want you to be, too. Besides protecting you, we are here to educate along the way. We want to make sure that you are “in the know” when it comes to the coverage that you are purchasing.

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Workers compensation

At All Florida A1 Insurance, we want to make sure that all Florida people have the right coverage and policy – including you. Reach out to one of our agents and we will assess your situation in order to give you the most complete and affordable plan possible

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